What Can Dr. Saif Offer You?

Orthopaedic Consult

An Orthopaedic consult on your current musckuloskeletal injury via video call where detailed history is taken and discussed. The aim thereof is to clarify what sort of injury you have sustained and what are your diagnosis and possible treatment options.

Training Plan

A plan created to suit your current and future training goals taking age, weight, body proportions and previous training experience into account. 
A preparatory phase may be included after long lay-offs.  

Rehabilitation Plan

Detailed rehabilitation plan to manage your current injury using evidence-based protocols with the aim of return to normal play and (or) function. Various sports applications are used to track and optimize treatment and recovery.

Diet Plan

A structured plan created to help you reach your goals, whether bulking, maintenance or losing fat.

We use easy to follow instructions, and tools to ensure successful dieting.

Dietary Recommendations

Reviewing your current dietary habits and supplementation from a standpoint of health or sports performance, then recommendations are proposed for optimization.

Endocrine System Review

A medical review of your current hormonal profile. 
We also offer anabolics consult lead by a world-known expert in the field: Peter Bond to help create or optimize an anabolic cycle in a responsible manner including harm reduction and fertility recovery.

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